Summer Salads

Summer yum! Bright and fresh summer salads.

Some summer days it really is just too hot to be bothered cooking. That's where a simple and tasty salad is a great lunch or dinner option.

Pile a bowl full of shredded lettuce. Combine a bunch of other delicious bits and bobs in a mixing bowl, such as:

  • cucumber, carrot, capsicum, radish
  • fresh, green peas 'n' beans
  • herbs - chives, parsley, mint, basil
  • tomatoes - fresh or sun-dried
  • meat or fish or tofu
  • avocado
  • fruit and nuts and seeds
  • even edible flowers

You are only limited by your imagination and what you have on hand.

Dress with your favourite dressing or just a squeeze of lemon juice, a little olive oil and a grind of fresh pepper. Pile on top of the shredded lettuce and dig in!

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