Hi - I'm Nicole!


Food Lover | Avid Gardener | Nutritionist | Cooking Coach

My Mission:

My mission is to share no-nonsense, evidence-based health and nutrition information with honesty and integrity.

I want to help you to: build your confidence in the kitchen; hop off the diet roller-coaster; and learn to love food and your body to be the happiest, healthiest you.

When I'm not working with others or learning more about health and nutrition I am either in the kitchen coming up with tasty new recipes, pottering in the garden growing things to cook or curled up with my husband, a good book and a glass of wine.

About me:

I love food from garden to plate; from raw ingredients to belly full of yumminess. I am not a chef, I am just a home cook who loves to get in the kitchen and rattle the pots and pans. Often with music blasting in the background. And hopefully ending up with something tasty to eat. Though not every experiment works out, but hubby doesn't seem to mind.

Once upon a time I owned a gluten-free bakery - Elocin Specialty Foods - where I whipped up fabulous gluten-free foods. After 13 years I decided it was time to try something new, but it still had to involve food as that is my passion. It also had to include a way to engage with people as I love to talk and share recipes and swap gardening stories (and seeds).

I decided that nutrition sounded like just the thing. I could indulge my love of food and learn some exciting new things about it all backed up with science (biochemistry is so fascinating!).

So I went back to university so I could get qualified to become a Registered Nutritionist.


* Associate Registered Nutritionist - Nutrition Society of New Zealand.

* Post Graduate Diploma in Human Nutrition

* Graduated Certificate in Science and Technology in Human Nutrition

* Master Applied Science in Wine Chemistry

* Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry and Microbiology

My Philosophy

I don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to being healthy. We are all so different; it's about finding what works for each person.

I also believe that life is too short to count calories!

And, I am all about being unrestricted when it comes to food. I love helping people engage with food and find their way back to enjoying cooking and eating again.

So what can I do to help YOU?

Well, that all depends on what YOU need.

We are each very different in what we need (and like) to make us happy and healthy, and finding that out is part of this fantastic journey called life. It can be a challenge but by staying positive, working together and having fun it doesn’t need to be daunting.

Click on the "Services" image to learn more about how I can help.

For me, I have been living with food allergies and intolerance's for over 30 years. It has proven to be difficult at time but I now understand those difficulties and have a few tricks up my sleeve for coping. Which is why I owned a gluten-free bakery and now specialize in helping those that are new to and confused about how to eat with those sorts of restrictions.

To help those that aren't restricted by allergies but are dizzied by the swings and roundabouts of calorie counting and fad diets I will show you how to find the balance and learn to love your body, love food and enjoy eating without any guilt.

Let's get together and find ways to make nutritious food easy to make and enjoyable to eat!

And just a couple more things about me:

(I told you I like to talk)

I am a member of the Nutrition Society of New Zealand and the New Zealand Nutrition Foundation.

I am part of the Warkworth Acupuncture team. A group of therapists who aim to provide a comfortable, relaxing environment for you to derive optimal health benefits from acupuncture, nutrition and massage.

I am also a cuisine columnist at Mahurangi Matters, where I share simple and delicious recipes.


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