Mike C:
“Hi Nicole, I hope you don’t mind, but I thought I would give you some feedback on the gluten free bread recipe that I bought from your site. I love this bread. I decided that I wanted to bake it in a bread maker as I make a loaf a week. I decided to do a recipe with two thirds of the standard recipe. This worked quite well, but the slices are small (low height) because of the size of the bread maker. I then added in one scoop of protein powder, looking for more height from the additional lactose. I then learnt to increase the water amount. The result, beautiful bread of a good size. It tastes every bit as good as the original and takes me less than 10 minutes to put together. Thanks for having such a great recipe. I tell anyone who is interested to go on your web site and buy it. Great investment.”
07 December 2017


Steph H:
“Hi Nicole, just loving your curry base. Do you have recipes for other bases that we can make ahead and freeze? Super easy to just brown the meat and heat it through, and know the base is full of goodness with all the veges in it.”
01 September 2016


Iris K:
Iris bread "Hi Nicole 😊 just wanted to say thanks so much for the delicious bread recipe. My daughter and I love it! I've had lots of fun experimenting with different flours too and have even had success making the bread in my bread maker. Cheers! Iris"
20 May 2016


Alan A:
“Nicole, I would firstly like to say thank you for all of your support concerning my resent diagnoses of gluten intolerance, and other dietary issues. When first diagnosed I was uncertain where to go to find information and support, and was so glad to find you, both your information and support has been amazing and I don't know what I would have done without you. The amount of times I have rung you for advice, which has been often, you have always been willing to help in any way you can. Your cooking classes have also been great and I continue to use them regularly.”
02 April 2016.


Dee T:
“Thank you, my daughter and I had a lovely morning and learned so much. The bread was great. Great class, thanks heaps.”
01 December 2015.
“I did it!! Lovely bread thank you sooo much for all your help.”
18 December 2015.


Cathy W:
“Totally agree with Natalie Longwell! I too was in the recent cooking class. Not only a wealth of information (good and practical) but a really comfortable and fun time. I will be contacting you Nic to help our pantry; just need to get through our home renovations.”
16 August 2015.


Natalie L:
“I can highly recommend Nicole and her cooking classes, have just finished a series of them. She is such a wealth of knowledge and I couldn't believe how much I learnt about what goes in our mouth! My family will be better for it!!!”
16 August 2015.