What you need to know before you go gluten free

When there is a topic that I am passionate about it is hard to shut me up, and going gluten-free is one such subject.

Which is why I develop recipes and run cooking classes all revolving around making gluten-free living as easy and tasty as possible.

I have been lucky enough to be invited as a guest blogger over on the Eat Well NZ blog, talking about what you need to know before you go gluten free.

For even more information on how to live your best gluten-free life be sure to check out the Coeliac NZ website. I highly recommend signing up as a member, for all the extra benefits.

Eat Well NZ is a healthy living blog to guide you in learning to nourish your body and find balance in a world of confusing and sometimes extreme nutritional advice. Nicola Jackson of Eat Well NZ is a Registered Nutritionist, food lover, runner and believer in holistic well being. She posts on wellness, body confidence, body image and skin care; and how you don’t need to quit foods, follow rules, or go to the extreme to be healthy (unless you have a food allergy!).

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