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Working with Nicole


I take a Health At Every Size®, non-diet approach to weight and dieting concerns. I choose not focus on weight loss with clients. Instead we focus on things you can actually control – eating and exercise! Our health is more than just our weight, so we will look at the whole picture, not just focusing on a number on the scale.

I help clients to reconnect with their internal and innate ability to self-select and self-regulate food. You’ll never have to rely on a meal or diet plan to know when, what or how much to eat. I am here to help you to block out the noise of diet culture and help you find a way of eating that you enjoy, that FEELS good, and is sustainable for you long term.

For more information contact Nicole! I'm happy to answer any questions you may have.

Nutrition Consultation

Initial consultation - $120

During the 1-hour initial consultation, I spend time getting to know you and going over your consultation questionnaire in more detail. We will discuss your goals, any relevant medical conditions, your overall health, how and what you eat and any behavioural or emotional issues you have with food (such as skipping meals, emotional eating, binge eating, and feelings of guilt when eating certain foods). We will use this information to map out the key steps that need to be taken to help you achieve your goals. We will cover how any changes will help you and the easiest ways to implement those changes.

After the consultation, using all the information gathered, I will write up the details of the strategies discussed for you to use as a reference. I will send this through to you via email within 48 hours of the consultation. I will also provide other resources or information that may help you achieve your goals.

Follow up appointment

It is recommended that a follow up appointment is booked for 2-4 weeks after the initial consultation, to discuss your progress and work through any barriers or issues that may have arisen and make alterations if required. Then, depending on your nutrition and health related goals we can work out whether or not follow up appointments are required.

30-minutes: $40

60-minutes: $80

15-minute phone check-in: $20

Follow up 4 x 30-minute concession: $120

Health & Wellness Package - $200

If you are looking for extra motivation and accountability and prefer to commit to a time frame, then signing up for a package may be right for you. Two and a half hours of individual support and tailored nutrition advice, just for you.

Package includes: 1 x 1-hour initial individual consultation, plus 3 x 30-minute follow up appointments.

Please note: Plan expires one year from the date of purchase and is non-refundable. The package discount only applies when the package is purchased in full for all sessions.

Consultations can be made in-clinic or via Skype. Please contact Nicole to make an appointment.

Cooking Classes

From $50 per person

A chance to learn some new tricks and to give you the confidence to try new things in the kitchen. The classes are run demonstration style and include delicious food samples and recipes to take home.

Current Classes available:

• Gluten-free Baking Basics • Cooking with Gluten-free Grains • Cooking with Diabetes • Tasty Dinner Ideas

• Vegetarian Delights

Please check schedule for upcoming Classes.

Personalized Classes - $POA

Classes can also be personalized: 2 hour minimum; includes food, recipes & tastings.

Please contact Nicole to discuss options.

Other Consultancy Work

I also do the following consultancy work on request. Please ask if you have anything else in mind and I'll let you know if I can help.

Fact or Fad? Nutrition Myth Busting Workshop - $100, 60-minutes

Nutrition information can be confusing and overwhelming. Every day there is some new headline that tells us that what we are eating will either kill us or make us live forever. If you are finding yourself dazed and confused by all the wildly contradictory nutrition information out there, then this is the perfect workshop for you. It's a 1-hour session to bust the nutrition myths that have you second guessing what to cook and eat. Come armed with all your questions and we can discuss any topic that has your interest. I can cover: healthy eating, myth busting, label reading, facts on fats and carbs and sugar, eating for a healthy gut. After the workshop you will receive written information about the topics we have discussed, to use as a reference.

Nutrition for Chronic Condition Workshop - $100, 60-minutes

Just been diagnosed with coeliac disease? Diabetes? Food allergy or intolerance? High cholesterol? Want to know about your condition, how food affects your body and which foods are best to eat? This workshop will help you get up-to-date nutrition and health information pertaining to your condition, you will learn about how food affects your body and practical day to day advice and tips on how to manage your condition. You will receive written information about the topics we have discussed, to use as a reference.

These workshops are individual consultations, however, if you would like to organise a group workshop please contact Nicole to discuss pricing options.

Supermarket Tour - $POA

We hit the supermarket aisles together. You will learn how to understand labels and to read between the lines when it comes to food marketing in order to choose the best options for you and your family. Special dietary requirements, such as coeliac disease and food allergies, are my specialty. Price will depend on number of participants (max. 4) and time.

Seminars - $POA

I can come and talk nutrition at your workplace or fundraiser; to your business group or coffee group.

Cooking Classes and other consultancy work are only available within the Auckland area, New Zealand. All prices include 15% GST.
Please contact Nicole to make an appointment or to discuss options.

Cancellation policy: I appreciate that from time-to-time plans change and you may need to cancel an appointment. Where possible, I kindly ask that you provide at least 24 hours’ notice of a cancellation, otherwise I may ask that you pay a 50% cancellation fee. Please note that for packages/concessions, which are offered at a discounted rate, any sessions which are not attended or cancelled within the 24 hour notice period, will become void. If you are running late, we may not always be able to complete the full consultation, but I always appreciate a phone call or text to let us know.