COVID-19 Information for Nicole's Nutrition Kitchen clients

I am not qualified to give you information about COVID-19, so I highly recommend that you visit the New Zealand Ministry of Health COVID-19 information page for all up-to-date and relevant information regarding this situation.

As you know, New Zealand is still in the RED of the traffic light system (Covid-19 Protection Framework). This means that I am able to see you in person - YAY!

I am currently open for consultations.

I will not be scheduling cooking classes until later in the year, most likely once we drop down to the Orange setting. Watch this space for dates and class theme.

For those booking in-person consultations or coming to cooking classes you will need to:

🚦 stay away if you have symptoms,

🚦 wear a mask, only if you choose to, and

🚦 no need to scan in or provide proof that you are vaccinated.

However, if you prefer - we can still have virtual consultations.

And for 'virtual' cooking classes, you can:

🤓 watch re-runs of my Facebook LIVE Let's Cook video series from last year,

💻 enrol in my online cooking class, or

👩‍🍳 join me LIVE over on Facebook for a quick cooking session (these will be starting up again later in the year).

You can also connect with me via email, Facebook or Instagram.

Please take care of yourselves and your loved ones during this difficult time.