What's Cooking ... in Nicole's Kitchen

Wholesome home cookingHere at Nicole’s Nutrition Kitchen it is all about wholesome home-cooking with simple recipes and practical ideas.

For some people, the thought of making bread or a Smoked Fish Pie (simple hearty food to me) can be as daunting as trying to make a restaurant quality gourmet dish. There may be the odd gourmet-like dish here – or what I like to call ‘café styling at home’ dishes – but they will still be simple. I like simple food, made with simple ingredients.

Most of the recipes are gluten free, as that is how I have to cook for me. Though there are some recipes that are full of gluten, such as Hubby’s Quick Bread. Where possible I include ‘variations’ on how to tweak a recipe to cater for a special dietary requirement, like dairy free or yeast free. All the recipes are designed to be easy so that even if you are new to a special diet or have a friend who requires something different you can quickly whip up a safe meal that everyone will enjoy.

I hope that you can find something on the website to inspire you, to give you confidence to try something new or to help you make easy healthy food choices. If there is recipe that you would like to purchase that you are unsure if it would suit your dietary requirements please Contact Nicole to discuss it and if she can she will change it to suit (this is not available for Free Recipes).

Some recipes will have videos available to help you see how things should work. Pop over to our You Tube channel to see what help is there, and please subscribe.